Serbia rally was a disaster for Vusic – Jeremic crew and also for the rest of 11 crews which were disqualified by the Clerk of the course. After 4th SS they recieved an order to pull back from the rally. The problem was arival from opposite direction of the road section to regrouping. Co driver’s mistake.


‘’The problem occured on the high road which was a part of a road section, after last correct box we came to the invisible exit, without any sign, breaking white line, anything …Also the box for information didn’t  hold any kind of warning! The next situation on the road matched the picture from the box in the Road book with safety exit and sign for the regrouping place, next two boxes were identical with the situation on the field. The result was arrival from opposite direction to the time control and stewards note to the report. Most of the crews used same way as well as safety car ’’, said Jerra

Next rally is a Rally citta di Bassano in Italy with Boris Pozeg scheduled for 25th-26th September .



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