Slovenian/Serbian Rally Crew Požeg – Jeremić wasn’t too lucky at the biggest Rally competition in Slovenia, Rally Saturnus. The tire puncture during the last SS in length of 29km, caused the loss of 6 minutes and fall from 8th to 18th position.

In an interesting strong battle, among the other respectful drivers and two Czech Rally Aces, the Požeg – Jeremić crew was always in best 10.

This 2-day Rally was driven in Trbovlja and Ljubljana area and was characterized with demanding and fast SS in combination with macadam sections.

Exclusively, Boris Požeg:

I have to admit I am very satisfied with my own progress, since I have started driving with the international, Serbian by origin, co-driver Aleksandar Jeremić.

My driving has improved and time taken proved it. Must say, wasn’t too happy with the tire puncture cause we could not have made to reach a position among best 10, but I have no worries, the future in front of us is bright!


‘’I agree to what Boris said. I am also satisfied with the progress we have made and also with the fact that Boris hears me in the proper way and gives its best to make a good result. It has been a very demanding Rally and we have finalized the race, which is also important. Hope we will be a little bit more lucky next time’’, said Jerra.


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